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John Edwin [Ed] Jahn

December 24, 1928 -


Ed was born December 28, 1928, at Yellow Grass, Saskatchewan, son of Ted Jahn and May Rooney. He farmed with his uncle near Yellow Grass for about five years, then returned to farming after managing a hotel and cabins at Prince Albert National Park. At Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, he operated a service station, built houses, and built several car washing establishments. He also was a factory representative for a prefabricated home manufacturer.

On September 20, 1953, at Medstead, Saskatchewan, Ed married Pearl Friesen, born March 14, 1933, at Rosthern, Saskatchewan, daughter of Isaac Friesen and Agatha Krock. Ed and Pearl live in Brandon, Manitoba. In September 2003, they celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary.

  1. Blair Alan Jahn, born February 27, 1956, in Weyburn, Saskatchewan. Married in 1980 in Calgary, Alberta, to Derra Pritschau, born July 5, 1956, to Maynard Pritschau and Patricia Hamilton.

    1. Jason Lewis Jahn, born June 12, 1975, in Calgary. Married May 11, 2002, in Calgary, to Deanna Lynn Spademan. Deanna was born July 4, 1980, in Calgary to Clayton Joseph Spademan and Penelope Konkin.

      (1) Alyssa Isabelle Jahn, born June 19, 2002, in Calgary.

      (2) Julia Lynn Jahn, born March 15, 2005, in Calgary.

    2. Sara Megan Jahn, born April 18, 1979, in Calgary. Married October 13, 2001, in Calgary, to Wesley Alexander Larson. Wes was born April 11, 1977, in Edmonton, Alberta, to Ross Larson and Mary McNeil.

      (1) Emily May Larson, born October 20, 2002, in Calgary.

      (2) Charlie Ross Larson, born May 16, 2006, in Calgary.

    3. Ryan Adam Jahn, born August 5, 1982, in Calgary.

  2. Stuart Ashley ("Sam") Jahn, born April 12, 1959 in Weyburn. Married in Calgary, Alberta, to Cheryl Pritschau, sister of Derra, born November 14, 1958, in Brandon, Manitoba.

    1. Peter Avery Jahn, born March 15, 1984, in Calgary.

    On June 6, 1993, in Moose Jaw, Sam married Myrna Rae Roberts, born March 10, 1954 in Lethbridge, Alberta, to Ned Shields and Thelma Moline.

  3. Bonnie Laurel Jahn, born December 15, 1966, in Moose Jaw. Married August 22, 1987, in Brandon, to Carl Conrad Penno, born June 25, 1961, in Swan River, Manitoba, to Ruben Penno and Natalie Bohl.

    1. Kurt Conrad Penno, born March 30, 1999, in Brandon.

    2. Zoe Laurelle Penno, born November 26, 2002, in Brandon.

Source: Eighteen Cousins, by Bert Jahn (1988); updated 2007

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