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Appolonia Christina ["Lonie"] (Jahn) Hansen

February 11, 1894 - September 11, 1985

Lonie Jahn

Lonie was born February 11, 1894, in St. Paul, Minnesota, and moved with her family to Roscoe, Minnesota, in 1899. After graduation from the eighth grade in Roscoe, she lived with the Bordenave family in St. Paul, serving as a housekeeper.

In 1912 she studied nursing at the Pilon Hospital in Paynesville, Minnesota, and used her skills in caring for her sister Mary and her parents, who died in 1917.

Returning to St. Paul, she enrolled at Nichols Business College, worked as a private secretary and stenographer, clerked at a bakery, and attended night school.

Art HansenOn August 19, 1924, she married Arthur Andrew Hansen at Rockville, Minnesota, where her uncle, Rev. Martin Schmitt, O.S.B., was pastor. Art was born June 10, 1898, at Meire Grove, Minnesota, the son of Michael Hansen and Ephrosina Kessler. They had one son, James.

Art and Lonie owned and operated the hardware store in Darwin, Minnesota, for many years, transferring it to their son upon their retirement. The store has been in the Hansen family for over 65 years.

Later they moved to Litchfield, Minnesota, where Art died April 18, 1979. Lonie died September 11, 1985, at Dassel, Minnesota.

Shortly before Lonie's death, Dorothy Hansen had these words to say about her mother-in-law:

Lonie is a sweet lady with dark hair and sparkling blue eyes. She's always reading and praying; always on the move. She has her own way with stories and no one can tell a story quite like Lonie can. Sometimes she'll fool you and tell you what's going on in the world situation.

She is always popping up with something full of humor, wit and charm, when you least expect it! She's been through a lot, but it hasn't dulled her zest and excitement for life any. she can still out-walk many people with her quick pace. She'll tell you not to do anything she wouldn't do. But it's hard to tell exactly where that leaves you, because you never know what Lonie might come up with.

Yes, she's a spry and chipper lady with zest for life. And you can't miss those sparkling blue eyes of hers.

Source: Eighteen Cousins, by Bert Jahn (1988)


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