Welcome to a new year! 2019-20

This year our school year started on Monday, August 26. I am teaching a wide range of grades: kindergarten, third, sixth, ninth, and eleventh. We are using a wide mix of curriculum, including five different math programs!

Grade 11
English: Essentials in Writing; The Good & The Beautiful HS1
Math: CTC Math Geometry
Science: Master Books High School Chemistry
History/Civics: Sonlight American Government
Foreign Language: Rosetta Stone French
Religion: Baltimore Catechism 4

Grade 9
English: Essentials in Writing; The Good & The Beautiful HS1
Math: Teaching Textbooks Algebra
Science: Apologia Biology
History/Civics: Sonlight High School American History/Literature
Religion: Baltimore Catechism 2/3

Grade 6
English: Essentials in Writing; The Good & The Beautiful Level 2/3
Math: Switched-On Schoolhouse grade 4/5
Science: Behold & See 6 (Physical Science, Ecology, & Astronomy)
History/Civics: Sonlight American History 1 (Core D)
Religion: Baltimore Catechism 1

Grade 3
English: The Good & The Beautiful Level 1
Math: MathUSee Alpha
Science: The Good & The Beautiful (Meterology and more units to come)
Civics: Harcourt Horizons Grade 3 (People & Communities)
Religion: Faith and Life 3
Handwriting: Catholic Heritage Handwriting Level 3 (Cursive)

Grade K
English: The Good & The Beautiful Pre-K/Primer
Math: Horizons K
Science/Civics/Literature: Sonlight Exploring God’s World
Religion: Various Catholic books for kids
Handwriting: Handwriting Without Tears K

And there you have it! All curriculum choices subject to change, because there is inevitably some subject that doesn’t fit the child and I have to adjust. I love having the freedom to do this! It’s one of my favorite aspects of homeschooling.

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