Pizza Day, Take 2!

The other day, Logan asked me if I would make pizza again. Well, I decided it would be even more fun if the kids each made their own little pizza. So I whipped up another quick batch of Pioneer Woman Pizza Dough, and I put the kids to work.

pizzaday1 pizzaday2 pizzaday3And they turned out rather beautifully. They were delicious.

pizzaday4 pizzaday5 pizzaday6

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Pizza Day

Today was pizza day. Or maybe it was oops-pizza day. Anyway, I had a hankerin’ for some pizza, so I made pizza dough yesterday and let it simmer in the fridge overnight. Today it was time to let the pizza fun begin!

First, my “pizza.” I am not eating dairy right now, for the sake of my Johnny Paulie who gets horrible reflux from it. Up until now I had just avoided pizza altogether, but like I said, I had a hankerin’, so I decided to make mine with ranch dressing (which has dairy in it, but not enough to upset the little tyke), chopped chicken, avocado, green onion, and sliced tomato.

It was really good, except the toppings kept falling off. There was no cheese to hold them in place.

pizza2So of course after I ate my “pizza,” the kids wanted pizza. And not “pizza,” either. PIZZA. So I made three more pizzas.

The first one came out beautifully. Golden brown crust, perfectly melted cheese. It looked delectable! Until it fell -SPLAT- on my floor.

They still ate it. Don’t judge us.

The second one came out nearly burned.

pizza3But still tasty, so the kids said.

The third one looked beautiful, but it was slightly underdone. I was a bit nervous after the nearly burned one, so I might have taken it out too soon.

pizza1I made these four pizzas thinking surely–SURELY some would be left for David when he came home from work. Well, I hope two small slices will be enough for him. Cause that’s all that’s left.

They were far from perfect, but I learned a lot. I can’t wait to make pizza again. :-)

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We have a lot of interesting nicknames around here. Logan is called Lolo or Logey, Carrie is Care-care or Tet-tare, Kayla is Kay-kay or Tawa or Tawie, Maria is Mai-ya, and John Paul is JP or Johnny Paulie or just Baby (and sometimes even John-Pon).

I also call Logan my Logey Pogey; Carrie my Carrie Berry; Kayla my Tawie Button, Maria my Maria Muffin, and John Paul my Johnny Paulie Boy.

Today I got a new nickname. Maria started calling me Mommy Taco.

I dunno. But it’s cute and I love it. 😀

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Another New School Year

We are already on week 4 of our 2014-15 school year, and so far things are going extremely well. First of all, I’ve rearranged the school room – AGAIN. In fact, it’s moved to an entirely different room.

schoolrm1 schoolrm2 schoolrm3This room was formerly the playroom. I had been pondering for some time whether it might not work well for a school room. It has lots of windows, and we just love natural light when we’re trying to work. Actually we love natural light all the time!

As far as curriculum, I’m very happy with what I decided on. Logan and Carrie are using Switched-On Schoolhouse again, but this time just for Language Arts, Math, and Science. They are using Seton for History and Religion, Carrie is using Handwriting Without Tears, and for Literature, I prepared a list of books I thought we ought to read together, and I am reading a chapter to them every day or so. Our first book is Frances Hodgson Burnett’s A Little Princess, which was one of my favorite books as a child. I hope they will love it as much as I do.

Kayla’s curriculum is LIFEPAC for Language Arts, History & Geography, Math, and Science; Seton for Religion, Handwriting Without Tears for Handwriting. We started reading Little House in the Big Woods for Literature, but it was a bit advanced for her, so we will come back to it maybe later in the year, maybe next year. For now I’ve decided just to include her when I read Maria’s stories.

school1 school2

Maria is next. I went with Sonlight’s preschool 3-4 year old curriculum. So basically we are reading lots of stories. I also signed her up for a gym class to give her a chance to work on gross motor skills, some introductory sports activities, and also listening skills. She is also being exposed to the idea that other adults besides Mom and Dad can be in charge. She’s had two classes so far and is doing very well.

We have other activities as well – piano for Logan, American Heritage Girls for Carrie and Kayla, and I’d like to find another sewing class for Carrie, who is just beginning but is already quite talented. Kayla has expressed an interest in tumbling/gymnastics, so we might give that a try.

Yes, life is busy, but so far this year is going infinitely better than last year, when I was so sick at this point that I could barely move, much less teach the kids and cart them around to all their activities! I am really enjoying spending this time with them.

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Getting organized

What I neglected to mention in that very long post about our homeschooling year is that even though we are more or less back on track for getting the basics done, things have become somewhat disorganized, and electives have all but fallen by the wayside. So I came up with a plan to get us fully back where we should be. It involved a whole lotta decluttering, organizing, and rearranging, all of which I thoroughly enjoy. I was really excited and had a blast!

When I was really sick with all-day morning sickness, I had to “teach” from my recliner or my bed. We stopped using our dedicated school room, and it fell into disarray. Serious disarray. When we started using Switched On Schoolhouse on the computer, I bought a desk with wheels so the kids could roll it around to wherever I was. Lately I’ve felt good enough that it has stayed put – but in the playroom. I decided the school room must be cleansed of its clutter and disorganization, and the computer must be brought to its proper place. So I got to work! The results:

photo 3photo 1

It’s a very simple setup, nothing fancy. Our makeshift work desk has a rough surface that’s not really conducive to writing, if you’ve got a single sheet of paper on it. So I got a large piece of plexiglass and velcroed it to the table so it wouldn’t slide around. Now the kids have a smooth surface to work on. Someday I’d like to get a proper work table, but for now this will do.

I set up stacked file baskets containing each child’s handwriting and religion texts. Next to that, a pencil cup. It looks so pretty and organized that it makes me want to get our work done!

photo 2

Finally, next to the work desk is the computer desk. We do still have to do our computer subjects; they are the core of our curriculum now. So one kid can sit at the computer and work on those subjects, while the other kid sits at the work desk and completes written work.

In all honesty, the room is very plain and just not as beautiful as I’d like it to be, but it will have to do, based on my budget. I have plans someday to paint the walls, rip out the carpet, and install bamboo flooring, but until we can afford it, the ugly, worn carpet and shocking blue walls will have to do.

Today was our first day back to work in the school room, and everyone liked it. We got so much more accomplished than usual. It was absolutely worth the effort and exhaustion!

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