Epilogue: A Work in Progress ...

And God blessed them, saying "Increase and multiply..." (Genesis 1:28)

This is the story of the Jahn family as we know it. (Well, actually, we probably know a little more; we're still working on getting everything put on this website.) But there is so much that we don't know.

Taking all these things into account, we feel there is a strong probability that Frederick and Karl were brothers, and that our chart should begin like this:


 Johann Georg Jahn


Anna Barbara Moeller



Karl Jahn


Rosalie Ehle



Frederick Jahn


Christina FasBinder

Documents pertaining to Frederick Jahn and his descendants have been collected by his great-great granddaughter, Dorothy (Jahn) Grant.

Edmund Jahn's trunk

David Roth, a descendant of Frederick Jahn, and his wife Jeannie.

Dorothy (Jahn) Grant, genealogist for Frederick's family, and her husband Bob

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Carol (Jahn) Donnelly


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